Nicolas Vergne Publications


  • Drifting Markov Models with Polynomial Drift and Applications to DNA Sequences. N. Vergne. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology 7 2008. [PDF]
  • Poisson approximation for search of rare words in DNA sequences. N. Vergne and M. Abadi. ALEA 4 2008. [PDF]
  • Sharp error for point-wise Poisson approximations in mixing processes. M. Abadi and N. Vergne. Nonlinearity 21 2008. [PDF]
  • Sharp error terms for return time statistics under mixing conditions. M. Abadi and N. Vergne. Journal of Theoretical Probability 22 2009. [PDF]
  • Coalescent-based DNA barcoding: multilocus analysis and robustness. O. David, C. Larédo, R. Leblois, B. Schaeffer and N. Vergne . Journal of Computational Biology 19 2012. [PDF] [Supp_PDF]


  • GC- VC/DGE: a user-friendly web application for Going over Concordance across results from NGS bioinformatics analytic pipelines. C. Bérard, A. Bertrand, C. Cabot, H. Dauchel, A. Lefebvre, M. Mary, A. Renaux, C. Saad, A. Velt and N. Vergne. ECCB (European Conference in Computational Biology). Septembre 2014, à Strasbourg.

Conférences, colloques, séminaires

  • Rates of Phylogenetic and supervised Classification Algorithms in DNA Barcoding. C. Larédo, N. Vergne, F. Austerlitz, O. David, B. Schaeffer, K. Bleakleyand and M. Veuille. "Third International Barcode of Life Conference". Novembre 2009, à Mexico.
  • Méthode bayésienne de classification des séquences Barcode basée sur la coalescence. N. Vergne. Journées MAS. Septembre 2010, à Bordeaux.
  • Towards a better understanding of Phaeodactylum tricornutum’s morphogenesis. . Bardor, C. Bérard, H. Dauchel, M.C. Kiefer-Meyer, T. Lecroq, P. Lerouge, C. Ovide, W. Tair, I. Tournier and N. Vergne. Plant Genomics Congress. 13-14 May 2013, London Heathow, UK.