El Houcein El Abdalaoui

EL Houcein El Abdalaoui  (e. H. e. A.)

Bureau M.2.27, étage 2
Laboratoire de Mathématiques Raphaël Salem
UMR 6085 CNRS-Université de Rouen Normandie
Avenue de l'Université, BP.12
F76801 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray
Tél. (+ 33) (0)2 32 95 52 27
Fax. (+ 33) (0)2 32 95 52 86
elhoucein.elabdalaoui at univ-rouen.fr

Dear Cyber visitor,

Thanks you very much for visiting my homepage.

As a mathematecian, my research interest is Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, Spectral Theory of Dynamical Systems, Julia sets and complex Analysis,Probability and Number Theory, and Harmonic Analysis and Fonctionnel Analysis. I also working on some class of PDE. 

In my recent work, I solved the The Banach Problem from the Scootich Book on finding a conservative dynamical system with simple Lebesgue spectrum, that is, there is a map T measure-preserving and acting on sigma-finite space and a square integerable function f such that the family {f o T^n}  is othronormal basis. I further establish that there exist a sequence of flat  polynomials with coefficients 0 and 1 ( a L^2-normalized sequence of polynomails is flat if it converge to the polynomial 1).

I recently also proved that if the L^p norm of the L^2-normalized polynomials with Liouville coefficients is bounded then Riemann hypothesis is true. Finaly, I just upload a paper on arxiv in which I prove that Chowla and Sarnak conjectures are equivalents (Chowla conjecture say that Liouville is normal and Sarnak that the Liouville  function is statistically orthogonal to any deterministic sequence.

For my teaching and other duties:

During my experience, I teach from middle School until Master II. Furthermore,  I beleive that teaching is one of the fondamental tools to improve research in every area.

For the administrative duties, I try to accomplish in the smooth way as far as possible all the Commitments that the policy of our departement allows me or aske me to do.

For more, please visit my second homepage on the  CNRS platform.