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The International Workshop on Biomathematics and Biomechanics

aims at providing an international forum for researchers working in modeling and simulation on various physiological and pathophysiological aspects, especially for the improvement of medical diagnosis, disease prevention, and therapy strategy and prognosis. A major goal of this meeting is to present recent advances and new trends in Biomathematics and Biomechanics, especially to young scientists, as one day will contain a set of review-talks. Mathematics and Mechanics applied to physiological systems can have several goals. Modeling of physiological systems generally aims at understanding their behavior and predicting their evolution. Process control and optimization  aim at yielding  adequate  evolution of the solution  or an efficient design of therapeutic devices or procedure of drug delivery.  This scientific meeting will essentially gather researchers from both sides  of the Mediterranean Sea. The workshop will take place on three days with the following topics: 

  • Mathematical modelling,  
  • Molecular modelling,
  • Simulation of cell and tissue behavior,
  • Medical devices and drug delivery.