Workshop ACI

Front propagation and partial differential equations

17, 18 june 2004, University of Rouen, France

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The motion of hypersufaces arises naturally in a number of problems in theoretical physics (phase transition), mechanics (modelling of crystal defects such as dislocation lines) and image processing (smoothing and edge detection). The restatement of this problem in terms of a partial differential equation by the level-set method revealed essential to define correctly in the large time a generalized hypersurface.

The workshop will emphasize on non-local fronts, which appear when the motion of the front is coupled with the evolution of other physical variables. Its purpose is to make a synthesis between recent theoretical results, numerical methods and modelling problems.


Participation is free. However, to facilitate the organization, the participants are required to register by returning the following form at the email address of the meeting.

Deadline for registration : Friday 4 june 2004

Registration form : text format

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Invited speakers

The following researchers have been invited to give a talk (the list is to be confirmed).

Jean-David Benamou (INRIA, Paris); Fabrice Béthuel (Paris 6); Francesca Da Lio (Turin, Italy); François Hamel (Marseille, France); Danielle Hilhorst (Paris 11); Philippe Hoch (CEA, Paris); Olivier Ley (Tours, France); Elisabeth Logak (Cergy, France); Régis Monneau (ENPC, Paris); Jean-Michel Roquejoffre (Toulouse, France); Elisabeth Rouy (ECL, Lyon); Sylvia Serfati (Courant Institute, New York).

Special session

A special session will be opened to doctorate students working on the subject of the workshop. The following students have accepted to make a presentation.

Nathael Alibaud (Montpellier); Adrien Blanchet (ENPC, Paris); Annalisa Cesaroni (Padova, Italy); Sébastien Collin (ECL, Lyon); Jérôme Coville (Paris 6); Guillaume Frejacques (Marseille).


The RMR will begin on Thursday, 9h30 and will close on Friday, 16h30.

Full program to be downloaded (pdf format)

Suggested trains

Thursday 17 June. Paris Saint-Lazare : 8h07 >> Rouen : 9h15
Friday 18 June. Rouen : 17h23 >> Paris : 18h48.

For the complete schedules, SNCF

Practical information


The participants to the colloquium are listed in the following page.

List of the participants


Scientific committee

P. Cardaliaguet, R. Monneau, E. Rouy

Organizing committee

O. Alvarez, D. Fourdrinier, G. Grancher


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