Research interests :

(see my  Gallery for some nice pictures/animations  and details of numerical simulations) 

 3D numerical solvers for Navier-Stokes equations

       Development of solvers:
                incompressible/low Mach number 3D solver in cylindrical coordinates
                compressible 3D solver in Cartesian coordinates

       Numerical methods:
                finite differences
                fictitious domain methods

       Turbulence modeling:
                DNS (direct numerical simulations - no model)
                LES (large eddy simulation - SGS models)

       Flow applications:
                jet flows, vortex rings, conical flows, vortex dipoles
                industrial flows: injection in IC engines


 3D numerical solvers for Gros-Pitaevskii (non-linear Schrödinger) equation

       Development of solvers:
                imaginary-time solver (finite differences)

                simulation of 3D structure of quantized vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates

 Using high-level programming tools 

                object-oriented languages (C++)

                parallel computations on Linux clusters